Alexis Maerten-Lammin
by GabrielRichaud, Orley, nano, and timothey on 23 Mar 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

"ENNUI" is a graduation short film made by four CGI & 3D Animation students at Pôle IIID. Directed by Alexis MAERTEN-LAMMIN, Aurélia TRON, Gabriel RICHAUD and Timothey DELHAIZE.

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Five people from different backgrounds are stuck in deep boredom and only their imagination remains to get out of it.


"The story was born from a real moment in an elevator when one of us was bored to death"

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The Team

Gabriel Richaud

Gabriel was mainly working on the texturing, surfacing, shading. He also helped during the pre-production with concepts, and at the end of the production on lighting and compositing.

Timothey Delhaize

Timothey worked on the character animation, concepts, lighting, rendering and compositing. He was the artistic director of the movie and made some of the modeling and look devs of the characters.

Alexis Maerten-Lammin

Alexis was in charge of the character animation, rigging for the most of it. He worked on the animatic, character modeling, character look devs, lighting, rendering, compositing too.

Aurélia Tron

Aurélia was responsible with FX on the movie. She worked also on cloth simulation, procedural modeling and rendering.

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