mohamed amine mya
by aminemya on 1 Jun 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

The Pilot and its gundam from his wife, the whole design was meant to gather a male and female side from both sides in one combined piece one helping the other Hope you enjoy it and thank you

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The uniform suit

Battle suit

Clay render

The Gundam- Mega

The Gundam as whole was meant for a female pilot as it is, its former one died and the husband took her place in continuing the legacy and fight evil.

I tried different Styles and added a lot of panels due to its size,the look of the panels are very similar to the building game in the game-boy consoles.

the whole look is suppose to be simple and cute but cool, Huge size compared to other gundams.

the head is inspired from the look of pilots helmet, The shape of the robot is so slim not thick and tall a little bit than usual picked colors for feminine look,Bold look, the panels all over the body are modeled not textured which took so much time and focus due to their size and the amount of them a lot of hidden work inside the panels and the cage outside.

Thank you for reading and thank you. 

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