4 projects, 4 universes

4 projects, 4 universes

Xillo Louis
by loullo on 11 Mar 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

Here is 4 projects I did in the last year, there is a peaceful observatory, a crab rolling his sushi, a french bistrot and research on a traditional/fantastic japanese univers.

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Astrological observatory is a school project named "Facade". The goal was to create the facade of a building/house with a day and night lighting. I choose to work on the big house of an old astrologer, who moved in this olf observatory in the campaign to observe silently the stars. He replaced all the old windows by stained glasses of each of the 12 zodiac signs and bring with him his favorite clock.

The first organic character I have made. It's a school project untitled "The insect" but we had the autorisation to also make shellfish, so I choose a ghost crab rolling his sushi.

Here is the project of the French Bistrot! This scene take place at the end of the day, The barman is slowly cleaning his bitro.

Finally, this is a mix between a school and a personnal project. I wanted to create different characters/scenes based on the japanese culture/folklore.

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