Concept Art and Illustration from Winter 2021

Concept Art and Illustration from Winter 2021

Will Grossman
by cantseewill on 8 Mar 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

Several projects and illustrations that I've worked on and am currently working on for these past months. Included are some character concepting, narrative splashes and ui concepts. I've grown a lot here and I'm taking this to show how far I've come.

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Images related to the character design of Buckingham, I'm more of a splash illustrator than a straight concept artist so I explore narrative through splashes that I can complete with haste

Series of Tarot Cards for Personal Project(In Progress). Demonstrating individual short scale narratives within pieces

Series of Four Lessons:
1. Lesson of Dead Gods and False Prophets

2.Lesson of Breaking the Outer Shell

3. Lesson of Projecting the Idle Self

4. Lesson of Opening the Closed Gate

Work for a Global Game Jam 2021 game, I filled the role of UI and splash artist.

The first image is the final main menu splash and logo, the second is a concept mockup and the third and fourth are character meter concepts for ammo.

This wasn't in any particular series but it's probably my favorite illustration that I've created in the past few months. I think it serves as a nice summation of my skills and what I've accomplished in the past year. It's titled "Post Katabasis" 

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