Giant Step
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Giant Step

Kang gunwoo
by gunwoo1711 on 20 Feb 2021 for Rebelway FX Challenge

Giant Robot vs More Giant Monster

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Update - 23 Feb 2021

Add piloti building

I finished all of RBD process

I will add spark and smoke

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Update - 18 Feb 2021

+ Add skydome

I will add piloti building for destruction on left side soon

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Update - 15 Feb 2021

+Add building on left side.

The empty ground is for collpase able building.

Update - 14 Feb 2021

+Add detail

+The asphalt road used secondary fracture effect. because I feel asphalt fracture like cluster voronoi, so I did.

I will add building soon.

Update - 9 Feb 2021

Add bridge.

The monster will destroy it

Update - 6 Feb 2021

Add pop , RBD.

That monster was in ground. So monster's skin is very dirty.

I made falling dirt from monster's skin.

Update - 6 Feb 2021

My scene concept is Giant. 

I need how to make looks feel giant. So I watched many giant robot movies. 

I can feel movie's robot motion is giant. Because movie's robot motion is slow, therfore I edited timescale.

Update - 6 Feb 2021