Hairy Marry
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Hairy Marry

The Kombi with hair, you can marry her!

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Update - 16 Jan 2021


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Update - 15 Jan 2021

This is my final entry because my vga is burning out! ^^ I'm soo excited! :) (I don't know why this post not on the top...)

The last Process View not includes the final render!

I made the number plate in SD and I wanted to use the mustage I made earlier so I used on this, because it doesn't looked right on the front of the kombi! 

I added the dust to the back lights rubbers and to the metals around the lamps. I painted out the top parts for a more realistic dust effect. I painted red half of the back lamps.

I deleted one rust layer from the body because the refelection makes more colorfull the Kombi's gradient fur texture.

Thanks for the community the lots of help! :)

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Update - 14 Jan 2021

First I started experimenting with the wheels today. I wanted a little fancy, unique hub cap with simple forms. I choose the purple one because it has a little steampunk feeeling. I would like to add some normals later. I tried almost every combination with the colors! ^^ 

I wanted to add something to the hair, because of that I made a lollypop with SD but I not added yet! Other thing was, to try and see the brushes in SP, so I tried out some of them on the Kombi. 

I needed  to paint out some non useful details from the wheel, because I did'nt find the perfect smart mask for the dust on the wheel. One of my friend suggested to add some gradient to the hair, so I added and the purple was the best match with the brown. I turned on the first concept layers to the front but It's feels like there is too mutch hair and you can't see the Kombi's beautiful shape, so I turned off!

After that I added imperfection maps to the Kombi. I didn't want but it started to feel more realistic. But It looks like I added too mutch because the nice brown color faded away!.. I have to try again.

Update - 10 Jan 2021

I added "basic" textures to the Kombi's parts. ...and I forgot one part... 

Update - 10 Jan 2021

I cant delete this uppdate... error 500, than 404 :D  I just figured out how to uppdate my project... :D

Update - 10 Jan 2021

I learned how to make an MDL Texture with Designer... just after that I realized, I can't use it in Painter... I was very sad but I exported the normal map into painter to achive the same "reflectation" effect, that I wanted.

My Fur/Hair moodboard looked like this:

Jeromefar called my attention to make a more "readable" realistic stylized texture... so I started experimenting in Substance Designer.

I wanted to achive the same effect like with the first try. Chunky with smaler bits, easily readable because of the big parts. I also wanted the texture to be more wavy! I tried out different scenarios with smal patterns and bigs. Sometimes you can find very wierd and cool looking results in the progress! When I just thought "This is it!" Sp just crashed... and thought Ctrl+S would save me... almost did and I had to recreate some parts and in that progress I found a better resoult and I was very grateful for that crash. 

After I finished the texture in SuBD, I started experimenting with it in Painter. The goal was to make a realistic car paint with reflection but also using the hair texture. Keep in mind this is not the finished version. I will play a little more with the pattern size and rotation later.

I love to try out the extreme outputs because you can find super cool results! Like the lava color on the left corner.

This is how the car looks now! 

Update - 8 Jan 2021

My first Idea was this stylized texture. I wanted to cover the kombi with hair. I had to learn how to make that texure in Substance Designer, after that I used Painter to apply to the combi.  This is the progress that I made. Not finished yet!

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