"Cantuña" Building Destruction
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"Cantuña" Building Destruction

Brian Israel Paucar Regalado
by israpaucar on 18 Jan 2021 for Rebelway FX Challenge

Hi everyone and welcome to my submission. I have always wanted to work on a destruction scene, so I am happy to share these.

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Update - 18 Mar 2021

After spend a lot of time modeling, finally i got the 3D model. The process was a little bit tricky but i enjoyed it a lot.

Next Step

Time for fracturing.

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Update - 18 Jan 2021

After a lot time finally i was able to  do the Photogrammetry, looks great!

Next step:  model the destruction ready building.

Update - 18 Dec 2020

The colonial buildings of my city are amazing and I have always been impressed their architecture.

So, I had the idea of ​​putting them in the background of the scene. One of my favorites is the San Francisco Cathedral built in the 16th-century. 


The story tells of the church builder, "CANTUÑA", who only had one day to finish the work, so he sold his soul to the devil in exchange for building the church.

This is the preview and staging of the simulation. The monster will come out of the ground and destroy the whole building.