Journey through the festivals
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Journey through the festivals

After so long of decision making, I've decided to go with the theme of festivals in India. Although I cannot capture all of it, I will try to capture as much as I can. I will try to use Substance Designer for the vector images/ textures and Painter for the additional tweakings. Let's see how it's turning out!

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Update - 21 Dec 2020

Here I come with the final renders finally! As I spent quite a time already with this project and I wanted to stop at some point I believe this is the right time to conclude it with final renders.

For the texturing, I used only substance painter and Substance designer. There are no external images or textures used except HDRIs. The main purpose I joined this contest was to push my limit of using substance designer and substance painter to get myself more familiar with the features and tools and I am really happy that I learned a lot throughout this process. 

My initial idea was to texture a brand new van that focuses on the theme, however later I also wanted to make it as used and less maintained van with dust, rust, and grime. So here we have, the Combi van that showcases different festivals in India, this van is fully operational and travels to different parts of the country.

I am really thankful to The Rookies & Substance for this great contest and  Christina Ryan for sharing the amazing Combi Van model and for sharing her valuable review of the in-progress work of the contestants. 

I wish the contestants all the very best and have fun & Happy texturing with Substance!  :) 

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Update - 19 Dec 2020

There is a big change in the color scheme since the previous orange gradient was not blending with the overall look of the theme. Almost there.. Final renders will be uploaded shortly. 

Update - 13 Dec 2020

Still some cleanup and some addition to be done with dust and damages... and couple more painting works!

Update - 12 Dec 2020

Did few changes today... As you can see I arranged the stickers within some sort of horizontal background as the previous version was not up to my expectation.

Hope this time, it goes in the right direction. 

Update - 10 Dec 2020

Today's progress: Generic floral pattern for roof,  updated License plate, outer body color, Holi color power plates. 

Update - 8 Dec 2020

Update - 8 Dec 2020

I guess i'm done with this "Kathakali" sticker for Onam festival. Took a lot of time, moving slowly...

Update - 8 Dec 2020

Didn't have much time today. But made a little bit of progress for Eid and the Onam festival sticker.

Update - 5 Dec 2020

Today's update: Stickers for Diwali Festival and updated the outerbody with color pattern. 

Update - 4 Dec 2020

Stickering for South Indian Pongal Festival.

As of now, the base color of the outer body isn't fixed. I will fix it once I finished with all the stickering done, based on the color contrast.  

Update - 2 Dec 2020

After initial baking, for now, added base materials for each component.  Next, I will work on adding the details on the outer body painting. Time to get into Substance designer and see how its helping me out. 

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Update - 29 Nov 2020

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