Substance Texturing Challenge - Kombi - Witch's Hut
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Substance Texturing Challenge - Kombi - Witch's Hut

I created a witch's hut for the kombi challenge, because why should witches only fly on a broom? ^^

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Update - 15 Jan 2021

Here it is... my final result!

This project was really fun to make, but also a really big challenge... besides the trouble I had with my hardware it challenged me to look in front of me and on what and how I want to develop the project as much as myself. I still have to learn a lot, but I know I will and won't give myself up. ^^'

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Update - 14 Jan 2021

Alright, I think I'm more or less done... edited the dirt roughness, adjusted the moss color on the roof and added some more details to the roof tiles like wood areas where the paint is peeled and had fun in creating own constellations (just like I did it back then in Animal Crossing Wild World..^^). The last thing to do for me is playing around with the render settings and finally getting to an end ^^'

In the meanwhile I also had collected some more references...

Update - 11 Jan 2021

Changed the lights a bit, so they look more realistic. Used references of opal crystals for them, so they aren't too far away of how they looked before, but I'll have to adjust the emissive and opacity a bit. Also added dirt to the windows (I had totally forgot about the windows... oops ^^') and redid the number plate. Still not happy about the roof + chimney and really unsure what I could do to make it better and time's running out... Let's hope the best and that I'll figure it out ^^' 

Update - 7 Jan 2021

Redid the logs and added some ouija and witchcraft brandings

Then I added some dirt, moss and mud. I think it looks kind of really alive now :D Also tried to add a chimney, but I'm not sure about it yet...

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Update - 23 Dec 2020

Made some changes with the colors and tried to go with other curtains. Some stuff is still not looking like I want it to be, so now I will be working on detailing and also trying out what I could do with the air vents...

Update - 10 Dec 2020

So, here we are... It begins to look like a hut, but I'm still not happy with the roof and the planks aren't placed completely yet. Their colors are also only base colors at the moment. Pretty unsure which color fits the best for the roof, but this dark blue seemed kinda okay for me and for now. Still a lot of work and still a lot of trial and error...

Update - 7 Dec 2020

Still a lot of work to do. Tried some things with the roof, but it didn't worked out well, so I'll redo it completely.

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Update - 1 Dec 2020

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Update - 26 Nov 2020

First of all: references