Mystery machine kombi "Zoinks"
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Mystery machine kombi "Zoinks"

My entry for Substance Texturing Challenge -kombi- I am planning to go ahead with scoobydoo mystery machine concept...

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Update - 10 Dec 2020

After feedback from the panel i decided to polish it further

Im really glad you all like it ! special thanks to Christina Rose Ryan for lovely feedback.

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Update - 10 Dec 2020

After feedback from the panel i decided to polish it further

Im really glad you all like it ! special thanks to Christina Rose Ryan for lovely feedback.

Update - 28 Nov 2020

These are some stages of my process...

there's few more but i can only put 5 at a time so i picked major stages i feel worth showing...

After few hours of fine tuning the mystery machine  I ended up with this. : ) have to say I'm a fx person this is my 3rd time touching substance considering that I feel awesome looking at this.

I got some feedback from my friends told me to add more roughness and dirt ,rust. I tried that bit old rusty look as well but have to say with the cartoons and movies I've watched Freddy loves this van and treat it very well. So taking that to consideration Mystery machine cannot look dirty and old he regularly takes care of it .

But I did add minor micro scratches and dirt, rust tiny bit  making it not so obvious but for keen eye its there.

because no matter how well you treat it things do get old and wear and tear is part of anything, 

Everything must come to an END I guess :) 

soo almost 2 weeks on and off  few hours I ended up with this...

Hope you all like it :)  I learned hell a lot for this few days 

and cant wait for another substance texture challenge, I LOVE IT

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Update - 27 Nov 2020

This update i completed rest of the flower decals and banners back and sides,

and moved on to adding dirt, micro scratches and oil stains  tire dirt tire bump details.

in  the end i added a image to the back window  and created number plate using dozen of layers to make it looking realistic as possible, 

and added iconic phrase from scooby doo "ZOINKS"  

it was either "ZOINKS" or "JINKIES" lol ...

i might still add some more micro details and fine tune a bit 

but over all it was hell of a lot fun than i thought...

I learned alot of substance painter in this few weeks .

and in next few days after all done i will submit the renders from given cameras

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Update - 26 Nov 2020

this update i have  started with

banners and fine tuning the mystery machine logo

Update - 24 Nov 2020

This update i worked on the lights, interior parts as well as fabric texture for the curtains
then i went ahead with the text  decal, and still working on the rest of the decals,

Still not sure should i make the van more dirty or not 

Freddy does love this van so it shouldn't be too dirty 

Update - 23 Nov 2020

i couldn't sleep so i decided to work on this from 12 am until 5am

i have updated glass , and base materials with procedural dirt and imperfection system

and customized that system for each part of the van depending on the part

tires also almost done.

I'm getting closer to decal parts which is the tricky part for me because its my first time doing something like this but very excited to see how it goes :D

Scooby dooby doo :D (did you read it in Scooby's voice in your head?) let me know in the comments)

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Update - 21 Nov 2020

Update - 21 Nov 2020

I am following multiple normal kombi vehicle references to get the generic look and field 

then on top of that add the mystery machine details to make it realistic and fun

Update - 22 Nov 2020