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My entry to the Substance Texturing Challenge -Kombi. Inspired by a stylized design of a pirate ship.

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Update - 30 Dec 2020

Ahoy, matey! Meet the Buccaneer Kombi, my final renders for the Kombi Challenge! This was super fun and a great learning experience, I've pushed myself and I am extremely satisfied with the result. 

I've made some changes from the last update, like making the tires rubber excluding the one inflatable donut tube. Also I changes some of the curtains from a treasure map cloth to a black flag cloth to add variety. Hope you enjoy!

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Update - 1 Dec 2020

Another update on the Buccaneer Kombi! Added more wood paneling and barnacles to the "hull" along with copper metal. I also made the lights gems to give a more "thrown together" pirate theme.

Update - 25 Nov 2020

My next update for The Buccaneer Kombi. I started texturing the bigger parts of the model. I added the inflatable tube tires and the pirate flag canvas top. I'm planning on adding more character to the model based on cliché pirate motifs. I may add more damage to the "hull" and the flag with rips and dirt. 

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Update - 18 Nov 2020

Hope everyone is doing well, I wanted to post my reference pages for my kombi texture process. I am doing a stylized pirate ship design and gathering real life reference is the best step in the right direction. I wanted to get a combination of different materials like wood, metal, plastic, etc. I broke it down to two types: Long Shots and Details. When I texture, I want a strong base for the materials and then I would add details up-close. 

Disclaimer: This is not all of the reference pictures I use, it's just a small snapshot for the update.

Update - 18 Nov 2020

Hello, this is my first project I am posting on The Rookies and the first contest I am participating in on this site. I decided to make the Volkswagen more suitable for water travel than asphalt. I am conceptualizing a wacky but somewhat plausible buoyant vehicle that can sail the high seas and plunder other aquatic mobiles.