Rusty Eddie
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Rusty Eddie

Eddie Robot// Rusty and abandoned design. I am looking for a robot that you can find in a scrapping but with many things to tell.

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Update - 23 Sep 2020

In this update, I take some tips and I update the rust. Also I add some detail, for that I come to the original design with black color, and I add, some more details on the body and separate parts to give it a different color, in these case yellow was the choosen. I will show the differenfe between the models. The clean Eddie and the rusty and wasted Eddie.

Moreover, I put a grafitti, I found it very cool for the desing.

Here a look on the eyes, with rougness, dust, and some crash and the body where is the grafitty. Also down the body where is a detail.

In the next update I thing I will reach with the final result. I need to add something else on the chest and retouch the dust.

I hope you like it! And any advice and comment is welcome!

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Update - 15 Sep 2020

Third update. I'm testing with new details, and found an use for the back rocket. Finally, I tested some ideas with my eyes, looking for a result that I liked.

Also, I am always updating my model and in this update I repaint the points of the body.

Here the details. Changes in the points on the body, new little details, a plaque on the feet, and finally some cables on the back, the most difficult to achieve.

In the eyes I am looking for a crystal dirty and wasted, but a little brilliant between the roughness. 

The mouth is a speaker wasted on the surface. The idea become that the robot needs a speaker to be listen.

Next update. I will go to the next big idea, that is put a graffity on his boddy. Next I need to find a use for the ears and put details on legs and struggle more with the eyes.

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Update - 11 Sep 2020

Second update. In this version I redesigned the placement of rusty, selecting more specific places, I also gave it some roughness in parts like head and under the body. Then separate the anchor parts and put screws, these have diferent rusty and different metal.

The mouth and eyes still trying and thinking about then. The same for the rocket on the back.

Next update.

Add more detail to the body. I will put plaques to access the inside, and think in a utility to the rocket on the back to get the design.

I hope you like it.

Update - 9 Sep 2020

Here is my first concept idea of Eddie. I want to make a Eddie old and abandoned, who is rusty and dirty. The kind of robot that you will found in a scrapping and you can told a story about him.

In these first concept I added some rusty and dirt, and used as base a type of metal. I tried to give some style to the eyes, but that I would changed it more later.

Some ideas of concept I get it from Pinterest where I saved pictures to take as inspiration.

Next Update. 

For the mouth I will put detail and convert to a speaker. 

Then add details as plaques and screws.