Ancient Robot - Shuddie
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Ancient Robot - Shuddie

Inspired from an archaeological wonder (named San Xing Dui, 12th centuries BCE, Ancient Shu civilization) of the Bronze Age in southwest China, Shuddie wears the ancient magic bird expressing the millennial dream to fly. He is masculine with jade-like eyes and heavily oxidized with a propulsion engine on the back.

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Update - 22 Sep 2020

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Update - 21 Sep 2020

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Update - 19 Sep 2020


Decorative patterns are mostly from archaeological findings of San Xin Dui, both bronze and jade artifacts that represent Ancient Shu civilization. The item on the back shares a similar shape as jet propulsion engine and could be connected to the magic bird pattern from San Xing Dui.

Materials are heavily oxidized bronze from thousands of years being buried under the ground and jade on the eye. Very small areas of highlights are bronze that is a little oxidized with very thin patina (shoulders, belts on the body sides, big joints, edges on the feet, and eye lids).

Base Material

There are dark brown oxidized bronze, green patina, turquoise patina, verde patina and light brown dirt plaques (higher than the surface). Theoretically lower surface areas are easier to grow patina layers, however, for Shuddie with thousands of years under the ground, the patina layers almost covered the underneath bronze completely. The turquoise patina could look from closer to whitish to bright light blue. 

Worn Effect

The right "antenna" has some noticeable cracks and the left "antenna" has a piece broken. Shuddie has edge wears all over. The decorative patterns mostly have non-smooth blurry borders. The dirt plaques may be classified as worn details. 

Other worn effects like scratches, stains or paint peel-offs are not really applicable for this concept.

Update - 19 Sep 2020

Update - 19 Sep 2020

Update - 19 Sep 2020

Update - 18 Sep 2020

refined head and body.

Update - 18 Sep 2020

continue refining by comparing to the references.

Update - 17 Sep 2020

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Update - 16 Sep 2020