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Dystopian Future, Stilleben, and Alva - 2020 portfolio

Dystopian Future, Stilleben, and Alva - 2020 portfolio

Asger Suhr Langhoff
by asgerlanghoff on 1 Jun 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

This is my entry to this years rookie awards. It's a culmination of my work over this last year. Hope it's interesting.

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Dystopian Future, Stilleben, Alva The Exiled Viking - 2020 Portfolio

Dystopian Future

I made this while I was at the professional VFX course at The Animation Workshop. I learned a ton about compositing, and how can  tweak the renders from my 3D application to a point were I can save myself from re-rendering sequences. 


This was a four week project  i did to get my hands really dirty with substance painter and designer. 

Alva - The Exiled Viking

Alva is a viking, who had to flee from her village since she was wrongly accused of murdering their chieftan. I've been working on her in my sparetime, and wanted to use what I've learned from making my portrait of Sir Patrick Stewart, to create something from my imagination. Oh, and she has a pet raptor! although it's not "born" yet.

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