BagelHero - 2D portfolio

BagelHero - 2D portfolio

Tucson Bagley
by bagelhero on 1 Jun 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

Best works over the past year or three. Thank you for looking!

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Apex Legends 1st Anniversary Tribute

A project organized by Von Hollde, gathering a 12 fan artists to redraw the main splash art for Apex Legends to celebrate 1 year of the game and the wonderful fan-community it's spawned. I was charged with doing the handsome Makoa Gibraltar justice!

You can see the full breakdown on the project page for this specific piece, here I'll outline my specific contribution.

Additional Credits

As this was a project to redraw the original splash art as fans, it would be unfair not to credit those pieces. This was a full redraw from scratch, only using the original artworks as a reference for detail and lighting/style inspiration.

Original Gibraltar promo art by Autumn Rain Turkel

Style refresh promo art by Anthrox Studio

Makoa Gibraltar is a character from Apex Legends, by Respawn Entertainment. Thank you!

Album Insert Art - The Big Alliance

I was given the opportunity to contribute art to The Big Alliance charity English VOCALOID album, organised by Mystsaphyr. It was included among the limited run of physical albums we funded via preorder! Proceeds go to Musicians without Borders.

Promo Page
Bandcamp Page


"Hobblins" are an ongoing personal project, they are essentially a small petsite run through DeviantArt wherein other users may "adopt" designs as I make them. Since joining CDW I have had to more or less go on hiatus, but you may see their site here along with the full 60+ designs I've made.

Emphasis is put on bombastic, unique designs and efficient process. I have collaborated with a number of other artists to output designs for charity and Hobblins for the group while I'm unable to design them myself.

Users can also purchase a "ticket" that allows them to make their own design with my approval. Below is a sheet of "allowed" traits they can use to mix n match up their own Hobblin design! I'm pretty lenient because I'd rather see unique and cool designs from my peers.

Shop assets.

Work for Commission

Pieces I've done to keep myself afloat during school and a little before that. Design work in this section is done by others unless marked as my own-- these are just my interpretations!

Design commission - Trent (Deertaur)

Design commission - Tsuyone Shin

I also do some for fun designs unrelated to Hobblins from time to time! Here are some faves.

Note: Ephyra is a personal design done for a competition for the petsite "Nautipods" with guidelines by Bronwyn Leblanc.

Note: the 3 bull-like designs in the third image in the row are from a petsite similar to Hobblins, named "Bitaurs". The guidelines were designed by Gatorstooth and are owned by hydrabones at the time of writing. They were made with permission on behalf of Gatorstooth.

Misc Fanart

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, Diamond is Unbreakable © Hirohiko Araki/Shueisha/Viz Media | Splatoon 2 © 2017 Nintendo | Yakuza/Ryu ga Gotoku © SEGA

Final Notes

I have been trying to make the move to 3D character art over the last few years, so most of my 2D portfolio consists of small work for others while I keep myself afloat and learning. I do love painting, and have many personal IPs I hope to work on in the coming years. I hope next year I will be able to submit my 3D work, too.

Thank you!

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