Vicentiu Popescu 2020

Vicentiu Popescu 2020

by nok3 on 1 Jun 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

Hi there, here's most of the stuff I've done along this very challenging year, whilst attending the computer animation course provided by the University of South Wales.

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Hi there, I'm Vince, I'm a 3D Artist from Bucharest, Romania and I specialize in character/vehicle 3D art, with a video-game oriented workflow & recent graduate from the University of South Wales. You can see below the stuff that I do and love creating.

Growing up with videogames, I had a first hand experience losing myself into some of their deeply engaging stories.

That's why my dream growing up is to be part of one of the teams that create an emotional experience that leaves an everlasting impression on others — like they did to me when I was young.

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