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Jonathan Ly - A 10 months growth

Jonathan Ly - A 10 months growth

Jonathan Ly
by lyart on 1 Jun 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

My entry for the Rookie award 2020 :)

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Hello! My name is Jonathan Ly and I am 20 years old. I am an aspiring concept artist who dreams to work in video games and films. This year, (well 10 months ago to be exact), I have decided  to make the big jump; I have decided to quit my day job and use the money I have saved for 4 years to practice full time concept art and illustration.Unlike a lot of juniors of my age, I have not been to art school, the project presented below are not that many, but hopefully you will see my deep passion throughout them.

I have gathered my courage to learn how to use Blender and 3D softwares like Daz3D and MarvelousDesigner. I really wanted to learn 3D to incorporate it in my paintings! (Swipe for process)

I also bought multiple gumroad tutorial (notably Jon J. Park's mech basics) to learn how to design realistic mechs and robots. I have learned about the type of joints and a lot about the mechanical language.

In the strictly 2D painting skills area, I have learned to colourize my Black and White sketches.

During those intense 10 months of self learning, I have been bless with an amazing coach: Caroline Soucy, who used to be a senior environment concept artist at Ubisoft Quebec. She helped me a lot, not only in improving my environment designs, but also to push my self discipline even further.

This piece was firstly made in February 2019. Then the second piece was made in December 2019 (almsot a year later), when I just met my coach. Finally, the third and last piece was made a month ago, when my coaching session ended a month earlier.

And finaly, this is my most recent environment design.

Thank you so much for looking at my entry; hopefully you will see the passion I have and the hard work I have been putting in my craft since 10 months. In 10 months, a lot has changed and evolved. It was one of the harded choice I made in my life but I have no regrets.

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