The Axe of Gammli Grimbelt

The Axe of Gammli Grimbelt

Thomas Pöhl
by bluefox196 on 1 Jun 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

In this little freetime project I try to create an axe for my dwarf in DND. It's the first real project after a lot of tutorials. It's not ready. The next steps are learning how to rig and texture.

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This little freetime-project started at 28th of april 2020 after a DND-Session. I decided to build an axe for my math gifted hilldwarf.
So there is an abacus for calculation and a sextant für navigation. Also you can open the axe and have a big divider. It's name in german is "Spaltmaß". You can split (spalten) ork heads or measure/calculate (messen).

The Divider

The Abacus

The Sextant

exploded parts

the 2 references

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