Dimash Komekov - Prop Art '20

Dimash Komekov - Prop Art '20

Dimash Komekov
by dimashkomek on 1 Jun 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

Hi, my name is Dimash. My submission for this year is mostly 3D. Hope you enjoy. Plan to work on telling more stories in video format using UE.

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The Fountain of Peace

I wanted to create a peaceful place where I can enjoy time with friends or come on my own and think.

I used Alexey Grishin concept art as a reference. Adjusted to the moon shape rock. That represents peace to me.

What challenges I encountered

Sculpting and baking part, and this is the part I enjoyed the most in this process. It was my first time trying sculpting in my pipeline.


Magic art is awesome.
Ow and the best part is to make a model look good from any angle that I tried to implement here.

Spaceship - SSM 01

Spaceships are cool. Imagine flying on it...

Thanks Tobians Frank for his 2D concept art of this spaceship that inspired me to make it into 3D.


For big models, it would make sense to add another texture to add more extra details.
I also was asking for feedback on shapes and topology, which I executed on the way. Don't be afraid to ask respectfully for feedback from people who have experience in the industry.

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