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Sci-fi Laboratory Environment and more

Sci-fi Laboratory Environment and more

Shannon Widjaja
by shannonwidjaja on 1 Jun 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

A collection of all the environment art I've built as I learn and grow as an environment artist. A sci-fi laboratory, a kitchen, and an animated short that allowed me to experiment with the different animation pipelines.

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Sci-Fi Laboratory (2020)

Pacific Rim (2013) is set in dystopian 2025 where humans are at war with monsters called Kaijus who are set on destroying the human race. I built a laboratory set in this world where scientists experiment on Kaiju remains to better understand the monsters. I am responsible for all aspects.

Programs used: Maya/ Substance Painter/ Photoshop/ Arnold Renderer

Close-up shots of the scene

Individual shots of the main props I built for the environment

I started by building the main props first and later I composited all the main props into the main scene. Here is the process view of how I arranged the scene. This project gave me a  lot of opportunities to experiment with lighting. I went with a more theatrical look so that the spotlight is on the brain/creature that is on the surgical table and dimmed the lighting of the rest of the scene more.

Gordon Ramsay Inspired Kitchen (2020)

Another one of my passions aside from 3D art is cooking and I have always been inspired by Gordon Ramsay. As part of my growth as a 3D artist, I built a kitchen fit for a cook like Gordon Ramsay. 

 (responsible for all aspects except for book textures on the kitchen island (book textures from )

Programs used: Maya/ Substance Painter/ Photoshop/ Arnold Renderer

Close-up shots of the scene

A wireframe and shaded breakdown of the kitchen establishing shot

Toasty: an Animated Short (2019)

Toasty is an animated short I made for my ANIM190 class in Fall 2019. This class allowed me to explore the different parts of the animation pipeline from the visual development process, 2D animation, modeling and lighting my scene in Maya, 3D animation, and finally wrapping it up in After Effects. I gained so much experience from the ten weeks I spent on conceptualizing and bringing this short to life. Creating this short has also led me to discover my passion for technical animation! (responsible for all aspects)

Programs used: Maya/ Photoshop

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