Caroline Victora - Concept Art & Illustration- Rookies 2020

Caroline Victora - Concept Art & Illustration- Rookies 2020

Caroline Victoria
by kitaidesign on 1 Jun 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

Here is my entries for the Rookies 2020 in Concept art & Illustration. I'm presenting you all the work i made this past few months. Feel free to message me for any questions and inquiries or critics. I really want to improve my art

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My name is Caroline, I am 28 years old.

Passionate since my young age by art & drawing, I like video games, especially League of Legends, I would love to work at Riot Games. I'm Currently studying in a Bachelor in 3D /Animation / VFX/ Concept Art at Brassart School based in Aix en Provence France.

Here is my contribution to the 2020 awards in concept art & illustration. Hope you'll like it.


flower Nymph

Personal project to design an original character that could fit into video games or movies

Kaya & Miki

Spirits guardians

A personal project to design a character that could fit into the league of legends universe. Inspired by Mongolian tribes, Udyr's lore and my personal love towards horses I've created another "rider/mount" character in the summoner rift.

Udyr's story portrays as if he's entire tribe got killed by Lissandra, But I decided to put a twist on the lore and present Kaya as the only tribe member that survived. Kaya survived due to the power of spirits which she possesses, Miki ( the horse ) is controlled by a spirit to help Kaya escape. Udyr's lore crosses over with Kaya's at this point where he heard the call of the spirit on the way back from the trip he took with lee sin. After tracking down Kaya, Udyr trained her to become a spirit walker.

I was working on it on and off for a few months now and glad to finally share it.

Thanks to my friend's artists & non-artists for their feedback

Any other feedback is welcome


Other concepts & Illustrations art I made during these past few months

Evelynn Nightbringer fan Concept Art 

Fan Concept art for Evelynn from The Nightbringers/Dawnbringers skin theme made by Riot Games


Void dragon Concept art Wip


My entry for the Riot Memotion contest

League of Legends fan arts

Concepts art Environnement

Some concepts art environnement I made.

Shiba's Illustrations

I really love dogs, especially my Shiba Inu Lucky. 

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