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The Quadruped -Gustav Sørensen

The Quadruped -Gustav Sørensen

Gustav Staginnus Sørensen
by filledframesgustav on 1 Jun 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

Hello everyone, My name is Gustav Sørensen. I'm a 2nd year student at the Animation Workshop Denmark. I would like to present you with my entry, the fruit of my quadruped project. I hope you like it!

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The Quadruped Project at The Animation Workshop, is an education in a full pipeline workflow.
from the concept through to the rendering and comping. spanning over 10 none consecutive weeks.
I was set on expanding my knowledge of the grooming pipeline, but since grooming wasn't part of the curriculum. I had to research how to work with Yeti in maya on my own. having only groomed two nhair hairstyles before this, meant that I had quite a challenge in front of me. every feather is placed by hand, and rotated with an individual value.

I learned so much from doing this project, however like with everything I see plenty of things I would do differently now.

| Maya | ZBrush | Yeti | V-Ray | Nuke | 

The shaders for the head has been updated from the turnaround video.

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