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Cyberslum: Power pole

Cyberslum: Power pole

Sabrina Fitzpatrick
by pyrasong on 1 Jun 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

A texture of power pole that belongs in a Cyberslum

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Cyberslum power pole:

For this project, I was excited to be able to create an texture that would be able to be used in a cyber slum. A place in  a not so distant future where mega corps rule, and people are doing their best to just survive. This pole has been in the community forever, occasionally getting upgrades, and mostly being maintained by locals because if it goes, so does their power supply.

Cyberslum power: The process

Firstly I purchased the model from, as part of their Cyberpunk props bundle, then I:
- Started to brainstorm ideas and settings for the texture.
- Researched how a power pole looks and the type of materials they are made from, and what they might possibly get coated in.
- Settled on styling the texture as from a cyberslum.
- Put the model in Maya and checked its UV's.
- When the model was ready I exported it as an fbx, and imported and baked the mesh maps for it in Substance Painter.
- While working in substance painter I chose to work in a procedural manner, building up the textures from the base color and adding more and more to it, as shown above.
- After the first pass was ready, I exported the shaders as Arnold shaders, took them into Maya and plugged everything in.
- Then I put the asset on a turntable, using the animation menu and rendered it out, putting all the images together in Premier Pro.

The Challenges:

- A strict deadline.
- Making sure the UV's were ok.
- Making sure everything was masked in the correct order in Substance, to ensure minimal unwanted effects taking place.

What can be improved:

- Some UV's still need adjusting
- Adding an Arnold mesh light, to make the asset have that bit more of a cyberpunk feel
- More work on the texture maps, especially the decals.
- Adding the asset to a plate in Nuke, or a 3D environment in either Maya or Houdini.

external resources:

- Model purchased from
- HDRI's:
          - Tomoco Studio, Bonifacio Street and Autumn Forest by Allegorithmic/Adobe

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