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Kirkor Kasparian - FX Artist

Kirkor Kasparian - FX Artist

by kirkork on 1 Jun 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

Some of the FX work from Gnomon up to this point.

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My first demo reel project so far. Based on a concept by Tim Kaminski. Mocap done by Jarrel Hall at the Rogue mocap studio. Textures and grass done in quixel with Megascans. Character Model from mixamo.

This was based on a shot in the movie Oblivion. Done with Gonzalo Teixidor (models, pyro, bit of lookdev) at Gnomon for Houdini 4 with Vlad Tushevskiy.

Done in Maya for Dynamics 4 at Gnomon. Based on the Shredders in the film Battleship.

Testing Maya fluids. Floor and BG textures from Substance.

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