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My latest projects

My latest projects

by charisavraam on 1 Jun 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

I am currently studying MA 3D Visual Effects production, at Escape Studios at London and here are a few examples of the work I have done the past few months.

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Hey everyone! My name is Charis Avraam and I am currently studying MA 3D Visual Effects production, at Escape Studios London. My main focus is on modelling and texturing. Here are a few examples of work I have produced the past few months at Escape Studios.

“Tantrum Yoga” is a group project that I have been working from 09/03/20- 29/03/20. I was a VFX supervisor as well as art director of the project, which gave me a well-rounded understanding of the VFX development pipeline. Overall it was a difficult project with numerous challenges, but great experience for me leading the team to a great short film. Sum up of the film is that Jimmy enters a yoga class, unaware of the fact that it is a Tantrum class. This means that different kind of robots are there just to outburst anger as if there is no tomorrow...

Jimmy is the protagonist of the film, who is a chilled pizza delivery bot, which I was responsible for all CG aspects of him, except rigging which it was done by Andrew Robert Watson.

Textures detail.

Rocketman is another robot of the “Tantrum Yoga” project, which I was responsible for texturing and posing. I made sure to have his ‘explosive’ character being reflected visually through the texturing. Modelling was done by Harkomal Sandhu and rigging by Michaela Butler.

Textures detail.

This is another project I have worked during my Masters degree at Escape Studios.  I came up with the idea of creating a London bus with my own fantasy twist on it, replacing the wheels with a hover engine. I was responsible for all aspects of the shot, from filming and tracking the video,  modeling, texturing, animating and compositing the bus in the scene, as well as lighting and rending it. I still need to enhance the engines' effect by adding heat haze FX to make it look more realistic. 

Topology/Colour ID/ UDIMs 

Willys Jeep was another project which I was responsible of the whole process of creating and rendering it. 

Topology of the model

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