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Matte Painting / Environment Demo reel - Jack Lucas

Matte Painting / Environment Demo reel - Jack Lucas

Jack Lucas
by jacklucas on 1 Jun 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

Heres my DMP reel for 2020, All the projects are personal projects. Thanks a lot for taking a look at my entry :)

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The point of this project was to learn how to use MASH for scattering in Maya.

Temple models from Kitbash3d, Trees from Speedtree, and scattered in Maya using MASH. The terrain consists mostly of basic models made in Maya and added some detail to it using World Machine. And finally rendered out using various AOVs to grade in Nuke.

- Below are 2 Other version, I experimented with before settling on the above version.

For this matte painting I wanted to show the 2.5D workflow - Creating a mattepainting fully in Photoshop, creating projection geo in Maya then projecting and compositing in Nuke.

(Images from

- Below is a screenshot of the projection setup in Nuke.

This project was to challenge myself to work with more 3D - I Learned a lot from this project.

Mountain Geo and texture created in Gaea, Ground texture was made with Megascans + Mixer. Rocks and plants are Megascans assets, scattered using MASH. The character models + animation is from Mixamo, I rendered with Redshift and comped in Nuke using various AOV's

- Below are Screenshots from Gaea and A lot of different version/experiments I went through before settling on the final.

Matte painting was done in photoshop, Simple projection geo made in Maya, and then composited with the live-action footage in Nuke.

The footage was shot for another University project, but I decided to make my own shot with the footage. I was not responsible for Tracking and Roto.

- Below is an early version / concept

Thanks so much for checking out my entry :) And hope you like my work.

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