"Lovers Alleyway" - Real Time Photoreal Scene in EEVEE

"Lovers Alleyway" - Real Time Photoreal Scene in EEVEE

Kevin Sancen
by kevinsancen on 1 Jun 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

In this project i attempt to create a photo-realistic real time running urban environment scene (Alleyway) heavily lit to reflect a nice homey, warm like ambiance out of a usually dark, dirty even lifeless kind of environment.

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CG 3D urban environment built in blender using Real Time Render engine EEVEE.

The scene was inspired by Seoul's Yeoljeongdo (Passion Island) Alleyway.

Mostly built using procedural shaders with blender's native node system & about 10% using extruded (royalty free) images with forced in normals (AC units, Windows, backdrops).

Scene built from the ground up to run in Real Time whilst attempting to achieve photo-realism using procedural shading techniques without needing memory heavy map textures nor high poly counts.

Most assets are comprised of instanced primitive meshes, the most poly expensive assets are the neon signs which were created using blender's text tool (based on beveled spline curves). Most meshes & curves had non-baked modifiers for easy editing at the cost of overall performance

Final scene can output 60fps using about 1.5Gb VRAM

This project was created in the span of a week to test out the Global Illumination & Reflection cubemap bake performance for complex scenes in blender 2.82a

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