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Adrian Yanguas | FX artist

Adrian Yanguas | FX artist

Adrian Yanguas Muñoz
by adriyanyanguas on 1 Jun 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

Its amazing that I finally have projects to present in Rookies 2020. I wish that I have finished all my WIP projects for this date, but i will work to have them ready to improve my demo reel and show them to you. Thanks for all people that have supported me, specially Xavi and Irene.

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Dragon destruction - RBD project made in houdini, inspired by the teaser of Game of Thrones by Josh Clos. I'm responsible for all aspects except the dragon modeling which is done by eon in Sketchfab.

Using boolean fractures with an active attribute I create this destruction effect.  I use the interior part of the pieces of the model to connect them with a pop network and instance spheres to the points. Also I apply a mountain node to the spheres to modify their shapes, in order to get more realism.

Blood Elevator - Flip  and rbd simulation made in Houdini. Inspired by the famous scene of The Shining by Kubrick. Responsible of all aspects, except the armchair's modeling which is done by Harrison Arthur.

It was amazing and difficult working in such a simulation like this one. It was slow, because the times to test and repeat were high, working on the mesh was exciting, also to get the blood shader playing with the light position and exposure to affect to the shader coorectly. Also the armchair's movement with rbd simulation was complictated, but I'm satisfy with the result that I get with only 1 month of time.

BLOOM - POP simulation project, inspired by BLOSSOMS done by Niels Prayer.  My first project using particle simulation in houdini. I'm responsible of all aspects: FX, texturing, Look DEV...

It was hard at beginning, since was my first project to get used to the workflow for simulations, but the way to learn it was fun too.

Next two projects are still in progress but I want to share it with you:

Star Wars, AT-AT attack - Crowd simulation done with houdini, still work in progress, I want to do another plane and add pyro to make the explosions more realistic. Responsible of all aspects excepts modeling. trying to get a new perpective inspired by the battle of hoth.

BALROG - Pyro Simulation done in Houdini, still work in progress. Responsible of all aspects except modeling. Higly inspired by the scene of the "lord of the rings".

Thanks a lot for taking your time to look at my work. I will continue working to create more content and improve my skills such as professional as a personal ones. Hope see you soon.

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