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Lighting Demo Reel

Lighting Demo Reel

by noa on 31 May 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

This is my student lighting demo reel form the year 2020. I am taking credit for all the lighting and compositing work! I only did some of the modeling, as my focus was specifically on the lighting. I did texture everything but only so there would't just be grey shaders.

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Student Lighting Demo Reel 2020

This has been a journey!

I started at Think Tank  just about a year ago, knowing nothing about CG at all! (Not even Photoshop.) So there was a lot to take in. During this year I discovered that, lighting is what I am most curious about. For me it has the perfect balance of giving me space to create and be creative, but also it keeps pushing me to do more and go further, with the technical aspect. 

As my reel will never will feel finished  to me, it is time to stop at some point. I am excited about the future and I can't wait to start my next project and apply all my new knowledge to it.

Still images

The star of the show!

I sculpted this bunny in zBrush and textured it in Substance Painter. The different fibers on the body, the pants and the scarf, I created in Maya. I even simulated the pants and the scarf in Marvelous Designer. The scarf pattern is a displacement map, I got it from XYZ. 

Let there be light!

On, off, on, off on, off...

In retrospective 

Looking back and thinking about what to tackle next, I will definitely pick something smaller/shorter, like a still image render or a single camera movement. I want to create a portfolio until the end of the year, showing more variate,  with smaller projects

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