Farrah Siu - Concept Art & Illustration Portfolio 2020

Farrah Siu - Concept Art & Illustration Portfolio 2020

Farrah Siu
by farrahweirdo on 31 May 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

Hello! My name is Farrah and I am an undergraduate student at Savannah College of Art and Design. Here are my works from creature/character design to environmental illustration. I love to work in different styles, you will see a combination of art styles throughout the portfolio.

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Creature Design


Inspired by the Pan's Labyrinth, I would like to create an alien creature that is as gross as the Pale Man. Combining the most disturbing texture and animal parts together (e.g. fleshy skin, spiral teeth jaw and huge eye), I want it to be haunting.

Dragon Chroma

Inspired by the colourful scale of the adder, I have created a dragon hybrid based on the adder, Komodo Dragon and different species of lizard.

Splash Art: Zeiden

This splash art is to showcase 4 creatures in a scene. Here is the beginning of the war where monsters start to join in. And Zeiden is the name of honour of the victory.

Concept Environment

Village Market

Inspired by the vividness of European villages, this work aims to present a warm and welcoming environment.

Temple Under The Waterfall

Here I combine line art and painting in one work. Doing line art in the front to distinct the foreground and painterly at the back to create the atmosphere. This is a tropical environment that aims to present humidity.

Character Design

Last but not least, here is a project that I did fully in the line art style.

Madi Sha

Madi Sha is a cactus spirit, her spirit in human form evokes her strongest power. Although she is a spirit, she was never evil until human decided to break the balance between nature and them. They invaded Madi’s homeland, the Unknown Desert. The mass invasion has taken her beloved away from her, the Unknown Desert is now destroyed. Therefore, Madi started her revenge journey to penalize the ungrateful society.

I depicted two narrative moments from the story. First, the invasion and second, the revenge.



I hope you enjoy my work! Thank you!

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