Nicolas Monteiro - Concept art 2020

Nicolas Monteiro - Concept art 2020

Nicolas Monteiro Delgado Gomes
by nicomdg on 31 May 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

Hi ! My name is Nicolas and I'm 24 years old french artist. My goal is to become a professional concept artist in game and film industry. I share with you my best work, from 2020 and earlier, hope you'll like it !

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I designed these characters with the aim of praticing armor design and to create a squad with several characters.

I made this design two years ago for my last year at school . It was a part of the final project. We had to design an assassin, with a weapon, that could be add to a cinematic. He had to be human, and the shape had to be athletic.

This is Magni, Son of Thor, God of Strength and the mightest god of the Norse Gods. I made this character for the character design challenge on Facebook and decided to push it more further and explore the character.

This project started as sketches for training drawing pirates. I wanted to submit to the Character Design Challenge and made so researches about pirates. I began with portraits and really enjoyed them. So I tried to push them as far as possible to test myself and see how far I could go.

The Boatswain and the Sailor.

The Captain and his son, the Lieutenant.



Render without texture.

Props, tattoo and ancestors frames designed for the Lieutenant.

''Little Folks'' is the start of a big personal project of worldbuilding. My goal is to design a  world with tiny people. The principal character is ''The Researcher'', a young girl looking to understand the world and her origins.

The Gum Armor is the character I made for the first character design challenge of Massive Black studio, judged by Wes Burt. We had to design a character design about Bubble Gum.
I started with the idea to not make some human character with a gum device but something less obvious.

This armor, would be the last boss of a game level. The device floating above her hand is invocated when she sees the player. The device will feed her a random gum, which will provocate changes on armor abilities. 

This project is a school work. We had to create a weapon that could be used in the game Darksiders, used by the character DEATH.

I designed this smoking pipe for a friend who needed some props concept to model in 3D. She asked me to make a smoking pipe, with details to sculpt and differents materials.

The Elf minor Crew.

I designed these characters as an exercise.I wasn't really inspired so  I chose two random words, which are "Elf" and "Minor" and challenged me to create a crew of minors.

No.7 and Shin.

Kabuki Theater.

I made this character for the Character Design Challenge on Facebook. The theme was ''Kabuki Theater''.

A bunch of illustration done to practice.

Little Man.


Lonely Boy.

The following studies were made to try to paint without textured brush (except the last one). I was focused on keeping the shapes simple and understandable. 

Thanks for watching !

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