Heartbeat Cafe

Heartbeat Cafe

by deboraj on 31 May 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

A healthy cafe designed to provide students and staffs with place to eat, do their work, and hangout while waiting for their classes.

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Project Brief:

In university, students do not have permanent classroom for them to do their work or wait for the next class. They keep moving from one class to another and sometimes, they need to wait for a few hours for their next class. Hence, this cafe is designed as a place for students to eat, do their work, or hangout with their friends while waiting for the next class.

Target Market:

Students, Lecturers and Staffs, General Public


Heartbeat Cafe

Since there is not much option for healthy food option nearby the site, Heartbeat is created as healthy cafe. It provides wide ranges of healthy food; starting from light bites that can be taken away easily by those who are in rush, to heavy meal that can be enjoyed for those who are hungry.


INTI International College Subang

No. 3, Jalan SS15/8, 47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor Dahrul Ehsan, Malaysia.

The site is located inside the university building. It is a good location for Heartbeat Cafe since it is easily accessible by students and staffs around. Also, there is no proper cafe or restaurant inside the university, so Heartbeat Cafe will attract more visitors. The site is currently used as an open space cafeteria. In front it is a parking space and building where students have their classes.



The inspiration of this concept comes from the purpose of this cafe, which is to serve healthy food. Speaking about healthy, one of the things that represent health is heartbeat. The shapes of heartbeat is formed by lines; horizontal and zig zag. These shapes then used in the space and used to form the space as well.


Elevation and Section

                                                                        Facade Elevation

            Section X-X                                                                                                                          Section Y-Y 



The facade of this structure consists of a few design. The first one is the timber cladding with different thickness. It is applied on most of the outer wall. Then, there is the entrance, that have Heartbeat Cafe logo next to it. The door handle is designed to have the heartbeat shape. Next to it is the waterfall wall with wall-mounted plants.

                                                                 Cashier and Serving Area

When customers enter the space, they will see the cashier and serving area on their right side. There is a food display that can be seen by the visitors and a counter to order or pay for the food. The way to the kitchen is also accessible by the staff through this area.

                                                                 Entrance to Dining Area

On the left side after the main entrance, there is the dining area that is separated by wood partition. Across the main entrance, there is a condiments table where the customers an take their desirable condiments.

                                                                  Public Dining Area

This is the first dining area that customers will find. It is called the public dining area because it is more open and people are allowed to have more social interaction here. Each table is separated using partition that is made of steel and wiremesh. This partition separates each table for privacy purpose but does not cover the whole thing to allow social interaction.

                                                                       Private Dining Area

Another dining area provided in Heartbeat Cafe is the private dining area. It provides more privacy for users. They can do discussion and converse here but the noise level is lower than public dining area. Partition that is used has more coverage since more privacy is needed.

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