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The doom of the Circus Company
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The doom of the Circus Company

Philipp Sieben
by philippsieben on 3 Apr 2019 for Circus Challenge

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Update - 3 Apr 2019

Today I am joining the Circus Challenge. I am really excited about the challenge and looking forward to improve my skills. For this project I am going to use Renderman for the first time as a personal challenge as well as to grow as a Lighting artist. Feeback is always very appreciated!! You can always reach out to me :)

These are my first modeling results I would like to share. I started modeling the two waggon in the front of my concept. I will add specific details later in the process, especially when I start texturing them. 

This is a screenshot from my first blockout I did in Maya. My main focus is on getting the perspective right as well as the camera angle for my enviroment shot. At this point I do not care about detailed modeling, there are just cubes and basic cylinder in the scene that are going to replaced later by completed models.

As a first step I started collecting references that I can use and integrate into my 3D enviroment. I am always searching during my workflow for new references so that my 3D work gets constantly updated with new ideas.

This is the main concept I chose for the Circus challenge. I also decided to add some objects later. I really like the overall composition and mood of the concept. Concept by Deadline Games.

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