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Bay City

Bay City

John-Peter Breininger
by johnnyb on 31 May 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

A mystical medieval city by the sea. With a lot of custom houses/structures and also a little spider. -- Further below is my interior/exterior project: A modern house with a sweet bathroom!

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Bay City - a mystical medieval city by the sea.
While learning the steps of a 3D pipeline I tried to use and combine the techniques I have learned so far to put this scene together. I used an animated shader for the water, maya fluids for the clouds, nCloth for the flags and Nuke for compositing.
I also implemented trees(vegetation) from Speedtree and Quixel, but I had the most fun creating my own assets from scratch. Hopefully you can enjoy the process shown below as much as me.

After modeling in Maya and sculpting the terrain in ZBrush, I textured the assets with Substance Painter. At this point I was also figuring out how my shots will look and which parts would be moving in the scene to make it a little more interesting.

I added in a little spider in the foreground of the scene. To present that asset I put together the following video.

The further the project evolved I started working on the ever so slight cloud simulation as well as the lighting. Lighting, rendering and compositing this scene was very challenging for me but it was also very satisfying to see all the work in the light.

I'll finish with some more breakdowns - beauty, clouds, diffuse, GI, lighting.

As there are a lot of requests regarding Architectural Visualisation nowadays, I've decided to also add a quick interior/exterior project for that category!

Here I can also show my references for the projects.

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