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My first year of Archviz at Yrgo

My first year of Archviz at Yrgo

Pernilla Sjöstedt
by pernillasjostedt on 30 May 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

Hi there! Here is a selection of projects I did during my first year as an archviz student at Yrgo in Gothenburg, Sweden.

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 VU L C A N  W H A R F ,  L O N D O N

A project in collaboration with the London based studio Pixelflakes. The aim was to create a selling and realistic image for a new area in east London.

Programs used: 3ds max, Vray and Adobe Photoshop 

V I L L A  L I N D O T T

The brief was to do a selling daylight render and build a villa from house plans of the Swedish Architect Peo Oskarsson. This was my first exterior project and first time using Vray.

Programs used: 3ds Max, Vray, Railclone, ForestPack and Adobe Photoshop

R E N O V A T I O N  P R O J E C T

We made a fictional renovation of a real home to show how some love and attention can raise its value. ​​​​​​​My idea was to do a home with Scandinavian style for a young couple with an average income as a target group.

Programs used: 3ds max, Corona and Adobe Photoshop

M O O D B A O R D  R O O M

This is my first project in 3D. We gathered inspiration from a movie or series and based a room on it. I chose the series "The Handmaid´s Tale".

Programs used: 3ds max, Corona and Adobe Photoshop

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