Johanna Bühnemann - 3D animator

Johanna Bühnemann - 3D animator

Johanna Bühnemann
by johannabuhnemann on 30 May 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

Hi ! I am Johanna Bühnemann, a 3D animation student at Bellecour École. Here is some of my work. Enjoy !

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Faun and Troll fight - Student short movie animation

This animation has been made for the short movie I am working on this year for graduation, called "Game Over". There are two shots combined with a match cut of the faun to add more action, tension and impact.  I was  responsible for the animation and layout of the shots and it was made on Maya.

Thanks to the "Game Over" team :

Lucas Margolliet - Faun modelling and facial rigging, CFX

Valentin Viennot - Troll modelling and facial rigging, CFX

Oksannah Zoude - Body rigging, project lead

Simon Cornut - Environment and texturing

Mathilde Laplace - (more) Animation and layout, lead animation

Océane Graca - Grooming, texturing and rendering

Matthieu Wittersheim - VFX, lighting and compositing

Ball throwing animation exercise

Here is a ball throwing exercise made with the Animation Mentor Stewart rig, for a class. The point of the exercise was to understand how cartoon animation worked by adding more emphasised squash and stretches.

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