Mariam Hamed | FX Artist Reel

Mariam Hamed | FX Artist Reel

Mariam Hamed
by mariamhamedart on 30 May 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

I did this work at Gnomon for my Fx Demoreel 2020. Thanks to all my teachers and friends who guided me through it and to all the artists that inspired me with their amazing artwork.

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Bridge Destruction - This shot was inspired by Frozen 2 dam destruction scene. I did all the FX, Look Dev, moss/grass scattering, and procedural bricks modeling. The bridge modeling and texturing are done by Dallas Palmer. As for the statues and the mountains, were done by Allen Kung.

Scarabs - This Piece was inspired by the mummy movie. 

One of the challenges that I faced during the Rnd process was that the scarabs have to affect the sand. So I built a system to make the curves, that are responsible for the animation of the bugs, follow the motion of the sand every frame.

UnderWater - I did this project for my look-dev class at Gnomon. When I was young, I loved the feeling of calmness when you dive underwater. I wanted to recreate that feeling with this piece.

The Fold Weapon - I did this piece using Tu Bui's concept of the fold weapon, I am a big fan of his art. When I saw this illustration, I thought it would be a great challenge to capture that moment in space. I am responsible for all aspects (Procedural clouds, Meteor trails, Procedural scattering system, Flocking system). The bird cycle by Mandy Chiu.

Meteors Trails in the background (Atmospheric burnup, Volume trails, Procedural asteroid modeling).

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