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Piter Hillewaert: Characters 2019-2020

Piter Hillewaert: Characters 2019-2020

Piter Hillewaert
by piterhillewaert on 29 May 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

Hi! Last year I started a journey to become a character artist. And what a journey it has been. I learned a ton and am eager to learn so much more. Here you'll find a collecting of the characters I made the past 12 months. Enjoy!

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While doing my internship as a character artist at Climax Studios, I wanted to create something where I could apply my new skills. A big one is the use of Marvelous Designer. The entire project definitely was a learning process with a lot of struggling in the process. But in the end I'm pretty happy with how it turned out!

Initially based on the incredible concept of Duy Van. I deviated a lot from the original concept, using parts from other concepts from Duy and some own interpretations:

The Gift

This is apparently what happens when I try to create something cute. It's not Chikorita, I swear. Sculpted from a sphere in ZBrush. Retopo in Maya. Baking and texturing in Substance Painter. Presentation in Marmoset.

Grub concept inspired by the amazing designs of CreatureBox

Creature concept by Billy Wimblett:

Little Bastard

A personal project to practice the full game character pipeline. Started sculpting from a sphere. Dynameshing my way through basic anatomy. Next a refining pass and quick Zremesh to enable me to work with subdivisions. Retopo was then done in Maya and posing again in Zbrush. Next, texturing in Substance Painter and Presenting in Marmoset.

Initially the idea was to add the jar and liquid like in the concept as well. But while testing some light setups and subsurface scattering I stumbled upon a variation of the final render. Which I really liked. I decided to ditch the jar and have some fun creating a different light setup than I'm used to. Afterwards I made a render with the jar as well. Especially as an extra render practice opportunity.

Concept based on the work of Artur Mukhametov:

Pyke: The Bloodharbor Ripper

Sculpt of Pyke from League of Legends. Sculpted, polypainted and rendered in ZBrush. Post-processing and compositing done in Photoshop.

Concept by Daniel Orive:

Thank you for making it this far, I hope you enjoyed my work! Questions or feedback? Shoot!

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