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School game art project

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Hello welcome to the entry of Kyodai a top down hack n slash school project !

first we're going to show you the presentation and the gameplay footage of the project, then each student will present their work.

I'm Jeremy Bergot, the character artist of the project "Kyodai". I have 24 years old, and I come from Paris

I like manga, drawing, music and video games. Now I'm working in Japan at CyberConect2 as a character artist.

At first I was more attract by drawing. But after learning some stuffs on 3D at New3dge, i was enjoyed to do some works in 3D.

I made the concept design of characters. The model 3D, texture, and animation of them.

For the entire game we took references to the game Ruiner. We wanted to have the same render.

And for the characters I took all reference of cyberpunk clothes that I been able to find. I had a definite value of my want, so I took many references here and there to compose precisely my idea.

My first wish when I make character, is to get people thinking "wow, they are cool and stylish" and than they want to play them.

I'm David Quoniam, I worked as a character artist on "Kyodai". I live in France, I am 26 years old.

I have a passion for video games, in favor of well-written and designed characters to convey a story, feelings, a sense of progession and growth.

New3dge was my first time starting any form of art on any medium, eventually I've found my comfort zone in digital sculpting, and developed a passion of a study for both hard-surface and anatomy.

For Kyodaia, I was responsible of the robotic ennemies of the game, from concept to to sculpting, texturing, animating, following the constraints of a top-down game with limited processing power.

It was a challenging endeavor that taught me the importance of the engine's restrictions, pulling a 2D idea into a fully animated entity in a video game.

In Kyodai, I designed each robot with a role for them in mind, from the large and powerful stationary turrets, to the group of smaller patrols. The player had 2 characters to swap from at will, with different abilities,

giving them a learning curve of the more adequate character and ability for each obstacle.

It's been a pleasure working with my coworkers Jeremy Bergot (Character artist), Jonathan Hars (Environement artist), and Michel Lozes (Technical artist).

I'm Michel Lozes, the Technical Artist for "Kyodai". I'm 28 years old, living in the countryside of France.

I love manga, anime, drawing, animation, music, painting, but mostly games. I'm currently working with TokkunStudio as a Technical Artist.

I love drawing but wasn't good at it. Younger, I heard one could work in the video game industry through 3D without drawing.

As the years passed, more artists told me that knowing how to draw would be a plus to work in 3D. I began to learn how to draw.

Later, I applied to New3dge art school.

In this project, I worked mainly on scripting the game using UnrealEngine's Blueprint, I also worked on making tools for the team, shaders and effects. Since I was working with interactive pieces, it was my responsability to check all the interactive assets and finetune them if necessary, bone orientation, animation, model size on export, texture masking, vertex colors.

If I had other priorities I would ask my team to rework the issues if there was any. I'm surprised how smooth it went since it was the first time working together.

While we got influenced by Ruiner, I tried my best to push the rythm toward a fast pace explosive experience. Nelo comes to mind for the vision I had. But as we kept going, I listened to the team feedback to have something that would please each of us. Making tweaks as we go.

When the teachers told us we would be the one scripting the game, my selfish goal and priority became to make this project a playable demo with proper fighting mechanics, not just a linear walking simulator.

It was a high risk which scared many of our teachers but everyone at school decided to go with it as long as each milestone was reached in the time planned with the team. It was alot of pressure and the most exciting year at New3dge, I learned a lot in this project.

Whatever position I have, I prioritize the video game experience, from a player's perspective.

Showing Tech art can be quit hard so i highly recommend you to take a look at his artstation were everything is incredibly well detailed.

Hi ! my name Jonathan i was the environemental artist on Kyodai !

Long story short, i've always been i video game and japan fan. I've studied 5 years at New3dge and now i'm working in japan at CyberConnect2 as a environmental astist.

On kyodai i was in charge of the level design and game design as well, it was obviously the first time but i was really happy that could work on those two different aspect of the video game industry. Now that i tried i want to make more level design and game design in the future.

The level in Kyodai take place in a robot factory, so i tried to get the level tell the story to the player instead of too much dialogue boxes.

It was a great pleasure to work with the team, and i hope you all gonna hear from us in the future ! Thank you very much for your interest !!

Thank you for visiting our entry we hope you liked it, don't hesitate to contact us if you have any question or just for a chat !

Thanks to the school New3dge, to the teachers, the director, to Diana, the others students for those 5 years ! 

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