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Game Characters and Personal Project

Game Characters and Personal Project

Alex Lac
by moyashilac on 28 May 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

A selection of game ready characters created in my final year of university and a self devised project!

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Rumble Raiders: Character Models

Below are a few of the characters I created for my third year team game Rumble Raiders; their concept designs drawn by ! Prior to this I was used to sculpting semi realistic models so the switch up to an Overcooked style was a fun challenge. I created the models in Zbrush, retopologized in Blender, then textured in Substance Painter. 

The enemies in our game are Jekyll and Hyde. Jekyll would initially chase you around and throw potion bottles at you but then would transform into Hyde, gaining a new move set at the same time.

Champions of Archon: Jackal Guard

I also served as an outsourced character artist for another team, who were creating a game set in ancient Egypt. The grunt enemies in the game were anthropomorphic jackals who served Anubis. To give the jackals a more mummy like appearance, I made them seem more emaciated by exaggerating the protrusion of the ribcage. Like the characters above, I started in Zbrush, moved to Blender to retopo, then textured in Substance Painter. The artist who did the design for this character is !


Hollowed was an independent project I started in an effort to further my high poly skills in character sculpting and workflow ethic. This model is based off an anime character from the Bleach series who turns into a monster called a Hollow. For the most part the sculpt was done in Zbrush, but since the horns had elements of hard surface I blocked it out in Maya first.

I took some creative liberties with the original design as I sculpted; the head area was supposed to be completely smooth, but I wanted to make it appear more realistic and organic. Inspired by the creature designs in Diablo, I emphasised the grooves and ridges on areas like the horns and the upper half of the head to show it being solid like bone, whilst the underside had more lines to simulate muscle details. The same was done for the body, I added veins to places like the hands, legs, neck and biceps to show more tension in the pose.


To keep it fast and efficient I created the base shape of the katana in Maya, including the hilt wrapping. Like with the body I wanted to have a feel of realism to the katana, so in Zbrush I sculpted cloth details into the wrapping, as well as use a texture brush to create bumps on the hilt itself to replicate the ray skin grip that traditional katana have.

As this was a piece inspired by an anime, I wanted to portray the exaggerated energy that most Shounen series have. I used elements like the hair and robe to convey movement in the model, further highlighted by the long chain coming from the hilt of the katana. A smaller detail is in the mouth of the character (most hollows are usually shown with a secondary ‘inner’ mouth) which is shown to have its teeth bared in a roar or a scream to further stress the power coming from the character.

Initially I was going to treat this as a study to see how far I could push the details whilst keeping the point count relatively low, but I would like to take this further through low polying and texturing. 

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