Traveler in a Desert

Traveler in a Desert

Gaurav Gawas
by gauravgawas on 27 May 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

This Concept is about to show you a theme of a traveler who Have no idea whether his journey will end or not.

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Traveler in a Desert

This is my first environment painting I have done using photoshop. This is mainly for practice purpose or you can say to learn and try something new from scratch. I love to make some concept or create a mood.I believe  anything we make should have some meaning or story in it so that it's very easy to reach the audience. That's why I create the concept of a traveler who is travelling from the dry land which has no end. He is trying to look at the end of this desert. Does his journey have the end or not?

Drawing Stage

Above you can see some initial drawings to visualize the concept. For me this is the hardest part because all the thinking process we have to do it here without thinking about the right and wrong. We have to just throw the strokes with our pen tablet. Then I used grey values to define the distance between the rocks and to define the lighting.


These are the images I used during my painting process. I always struggle with colors like which color to pick from palette. That's why I used technique of an artist Artem Khorchev. He uses his references as assets in his paintings. He just crops one part of a reference and matches in his painting and paint over it picking colour from it. That's what I did. I took one part of a terrain from image and matches in may painting and paint the remaining. There is one more artist on YouTube. He runs the channel named Marco Bucci. I used tips and tricks he showed in the tutorial and tried to enhance the look and feel.

That's How I completed this concept in approx 6-8 Hrs.

Process View

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