1 Day Delivery

1 Day Delivery

Ian Duforet
by cyrield, ianduforet, and milandelaet on 27 May 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

A game project made by 5 students of Digital Arts and Entertainment (DAE) in Kortrijk. It's a game about chaos in a warehouse in the future.

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1 Day Delivery

is a game created by 5 passionate students in one semester for one of their courses. The team consists of 3 artists and 2 programmers. 

Years in the future, more and more things happen trough the use of the internet, especially ordering and buying things!

It is your job to make sure the packages of the client make it at home and help in the warehouse.

Here is a screenshot of the main scene to show off the lighting and all the assets, and how they all come together nicely.


The main gameplay revolves around using these crane arms to move and redirect the packages to the correct trucks. You play either alone or with a friend. Having a friend around will always make things easier of course!

The Brown crane on the left is the one who you will play as player one. This one is sort of like a magnet, which can pick up packages and let them drop again.

The green crane is a big piston which can shove packages around and press buttons the brown crane can't press. So communication with your friend is key!

As shown, on the left is the magnet picking up a package, and on the right the piston interacting with a button to redirect the conveyor tracks.

You will also encounter bad packages which you will have to recycle by throwing them into the shredder. Again, only the magnet arm can pick up packages so communication is important!

One of the coolest things we encountered during our development was making a tool in Houdini for creating procedural belts and other assets so we could create and change our level on modular basis.

This came in handy when we had to make multiple iterations and changes to our level for balancing purposes, until we were finally content with the design. We had to tone it down a lot because it was a bit too chaotic and confusing for players at first sight.

We also created this shader which dynamically creates rust and makes some assets look really nice and stylized.

Some of the FX created and used in the game.

The team

GD standing for 'Game Dev', also known as the programmers. And GGP for 'Game Graphics Production' who were in charge for all the art in the game.

Thanks for reading

Go and check out our itch.io page here to download and play the game yourself! 

There you can also check out all the development logs to see how far we've come.

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