Valentin Perouelle - Concept Art - 2020

Valentin Perouelle - Concept Art - 2020

by valentinp on 27 May 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

I am a french student in New3dge Concept Art School in Paris. I love design and painting a lot of things, I want to be part of this creative industry !

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Environnement Design exterior, the goal was to create a thumbnail in photoshop and do a 3D Mock up before the final painting.

Lighting Design, in this piece I had to choose one architecture and create a lighting scenario with it. The process was simple, sketching in 2D, make a quick mock up in gravity sketch and go for the final painting.

Octane Composition, I had to sketch the composition only in 3D  without modeling. I took free photogrammetry assets and push the render before painting over it.

Environnement Design interior, I had to create a realistic room of a guerilla base which takes place in a Hotel. The process was to set up everything in 3D and go for the final in photoshop. 

Vehicule Design, Personnal work where I learn to use grease pencil in blender to create the shape of a sci fi car then I refine the lines and the values in photoshop.

World Building, in this piece I had to find the Art Direction, the architecture style and the Environnement context. I have done sketches and researches iin photoshop and model some props in gravity sketch to make a simple scene in blender and go for the final painting in photoshop.


Every works were made at NEW3DGE Concept Art School.

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