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David Väson - Entry 2020 - 3D

David Väson - Entry 2020 - 3D

David Väson
by dvason on 27 May 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

Hello, my name is David. I'm a Digital Arts and Entertainment student from Sweden. I've learnt a lot in these past almost two years at DAE. Here is a collection of my favorite 3D works from recent assignments. I hope to have more time to use this gathered knowledge to create personal projects going forward.

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A Paladin's Rest

Even an adventurer needs to rest. The goal of this diorama was to show the resting area of a character in the Dungeons and Dragons universe, where they might have left their items after a strenuous quest for some relaxation and recovery. It was also my first time doing a project in ZBrush. 

All assets were made in 3DS Max as a base mesh, then retopologized and sculpted in ZBrush, and later polypainted.

The Flying Circus: 1-32 SE.5a 'Hisso'

A stylized WW1 airplane with handpainted textures. This was the first assignment for the Game Art course, entering the basics of stylization and handpainted textures on lowpoly models.

Model made in 3DS Max, textures in Photoshop.

Blood Bard's Fury

A weapon with a goal to fit into the World of Warcraft universe, universe and artstyle. 

For the Sin'dorei the return to the warm Light was a welcome change, and the wielder of this halberd embraced that change wholeheartedly.

Model made in 3DS Max, textures in Photoshop.

Navy Island - Fort Pratchett

The goal was to make a navy themed island in a style similar to Albion Online, using modular pieces with built in details while remaining lowpoly. 

A dreaded twin-tower fortress, few pirates locked up in here ever escape.

Model made in 3DS Max, textures in Photoshop.

PBR - Kitchen Tool

Learning the PBR metal rough workflow was a process not without bumps, but there was something very satisfying about watching the reflections and the magic of the normal maps at work.

I found this kitchen tool in the kitchen and wanted to recreate it, and give it some wear and tear.

Model in 3DS Max, textures in Substance Painter.

There are many other projects I wish I could put on here, but they are sadly not presentable yet. They will have to wait until next year's entry. 

Thank you for taking a look at my work, have a nice day!

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