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Multidisciplinary project Howest

Multidisciplinary project Howest

Matts Verkest
by mattsverkest on 30 Mar 2019 for Rookie Awards 2019

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These are parts of my multidisciplinary project of Howest (Sept 2018 - Jan 2019) - I was a part of a group called The Collective as a last year 3D/VFX student of DAE. 

The Collective consists of 12 students: 4 students of DAE(Digital Arts and Entertainment, only one 3D/VFX student), 4 students of Devine(Digital Design Development) and 4 students of IPO(Industrial Product Design). As a multidisciplinary team they worked on a project about mobility of the future.

Module inspiration

Cloth simulation was made in Maya. Smoke layer was made in post and composited(green screen footage) in After Effects. Rendered with Arnold (Maya).


I started from the following model due to time restrictions (this project was made in 4 days):

I animated and re-textured this rigged model. I have also made a hair sim with Maya Xgen and nHair. This animation was eventually visualized on a Holovice ( Rendered with Arnold (Maya).

Houdini grow effect: animated letters

Animation was created in Houdini, rendered in Maya (Arnold), mainly composited in After Effects and visualized on led panels (6m x 1m)

2D animatics - 4 worlds, 4 personas

2D art was made in Adobe Illustrator. Rigs, animation and comp in Adobe After Effects with Duik Bassel plug-in. Thibeau Scarceriaux (IPO) helped me with creating the 2D art. 

Four abstract scale models of a world

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