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Raman Kumar Attri
by raxblackwood on 30 May 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

PRACHANDA means "intense" In Hindi. This entry has my best recent projects. I believe these artworks would be the right demonstrations of my capabilities. I hope you would like what you are going to see. Admire & enjoy!

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I'm Raman, a 17-year-old high school student from India. I'm a self-taught artist and my helpline is YouTube.

For me, making 3d models is more than my passion now. I was 14 when my curiosity to find about how the games are created changed my world and increased the possibilities of creating art to a whole new level. I found about 3d models and how they are created, Installed blender, opened YouTube, and started with the famous"donut tutorial". After that magic!

My love for stylized hardsurface grew along the way and now I make more hardsurface as compared to any other thing.

So, just relax, take a cup of coffee, and enjoy!    ;)


The first work that I would like to show is also my latest. what's different about this render is the amount of volumetrics that I used in the final render.

I modeled this one by placing one piece at a time and making the most basic structure to match the reference and then adding details one at a time.

Reference VS finished work:

This concept art was done by Matias Hennecke

I found this image on Pinterest.

Pinterest actually is a very convenient way to find some concept art and it is where I look for the majority of the concept art because it has a mixture of artworks from a number of different sites in one platform.   


Here are some screenshots of work-in-progress. I mostly use a substance painter for the texture painting.

Other Renders:

These 4 are my evee trial renders. I often use evee renders for a trial to get an idea of the final renders of the cycles and that saves me a lot of time. 


The second artwork I want to show you is this. Out of all the models I made before, this particular one, no doubt was the most detailed model. This project taught me so many things about the workflow and methods of making high-quality models. This project took my level of understanding of boolean operations and bevels to a whole new level.

When I started this project, it was actually out of my league stuff, but I knew I've to make it to take my hardsurface game to the next level, and something inside was telling me that I'm ready. I started with sculpting in Zbrush and made my way through with this model. 

I'm very glad that I chose this project.  

Reference VS Finished work:

This concept art was done by Mikolaj CYBE Piszczako. Like the first one, I found this image on Pinterest.

But they are far from similar, why?

As you can see, there are many similarities between the reference and my model but they are not similar and that's because I decided to change a few things, and that turned out to be a really good decision.

Initially, I wasn't planning to model anything below the skull, but that didn't look so good so I decided to make it on my own without the reference because the neck in reference would have taken too long. I did add a lot of things along the way.

How I achieved these effects?

The renders you see above, there is one thing common about all of them. I achieved all of those materials by just tweaking and playing with the subsurface scattering settings. yes, that is true, a color ramp node into the subsurface settings of the principled shader. I was quite satisfied by the results, not the render time though.

The best thing about them:

UV unwrapping a highly detailed model like this would have been painful. I know you can relate to it. So I just decided to not do it at all. That's why I had to settle with just materials.

These materials aren't texture painted either. These are just some nodes placed together.

The first one I wanted to look like ambient occlusion. 


This was my first time giving such a detailed model a try, so, I knew this needs to start with sculpting. I have had done a few basic head sculpt, so I knew I can sculpt the base mesh at least and is precisely what I did. Here are some of the in-process screenshots.....

I did take advantage of ZBrush's  hardsurface brushes.

other renders:

Here are the other renders. I couldn't just refrain from not showing them.


As my third entry, I choose SHOT. I know, didn't put much effort into naming.  But what it lacks in the name, it makes up for it in the render. It was only after I was finished making it, I got to know that it is a character from a game called Ratchet & Clank (2016).

I like making stylized hardsurface models but that doesn't stop me from mixing a flavor of realism in it with my textures and lighting. SHOT is a very good example of that.


Another concept art I found on Pinterest and decided to use as a reference.

Artist: Unknown

work-in-progress & challenges faced:

The new challenge that I faced with this project was the light at the bottom. Not only it's glowing really hard, but it also doesn't have much effect on the rest of the model. I started by placing a volumetric sphere along with a translucent sphere and a point light to light it up. It did the trick!

Emperor's Sword 

Being an old Slugterra fan, I always wanted to make the Emperor's Sword. It's more like a prop but is equally appealing when it comes to the render.

Along with its stylized design, it has got a realistic look added to it.


I know, you already guessed it, another reference from Pinterest.

Artist: Unknown

Most of the things are similar in the reference and my final result, but I changed the design on the blades because it would have taken too long if I had to paint them. Besides, it's not the center of attention, so, its fine.

other renders:

At last: 

At last, I would like to thank you for checking out my entry and hope that you liked what you saw.

Thank You

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