2D concept art portfolio

2D concept art portfolio

Margot Vandenbussche
by margotvandenbussche on 25 May 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

Hi, welcome to my entry for the Rookie Awards 2020. This is a small collection of what I've made during this year. I'm still a student at DAE, so I'm still learning a lot. My main focus here is 2D concept art, everything is made in Photoshop.

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Crossing the Desert

This was a project for the course Preproduction where we had to come up with a hovercraft that can cross the desert! I chose the function 'a patrol vehicle'. It can mainly move forward by the use of wind power, but it also has a few engines to fly up, turn or to add speed.

The Tower

In this project, our main focus was composition, color techniques and the principles of light.
I really enjoyed painting this, and I plan to do this frequently in the future.

Digital Shading Mech

In this excersise we received the line art of a bot (Credits goes to my teacher Lino Drieghe), we had to place the bot in a certain environment, and practise the shading techniques on the bot. Afterwards, the line art was removed.

Some small studies for landscapes and materials

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