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Character Art Portfolio

Character Art Portfolio

Leslie Jean Stowe
by lesliestowe on 26 May 2019 for Rookie Awards 2019

A variety of different character art projects ranging from realism to stylised work.

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Mum Bust

I wanted to learn how to create a realistic human bust. I created the skin, eye and hair materials using a variety of different techniques.

I started by sculpting the face using references of my mum from the front and side. Once I was happy with the details up to the mid-frequency, I used Texturing XYZ alphas to add the pore detail as well as a bit of surface noise. For the skin material, I used photo references of my mum along with various Texturing XYZ scans and brushes to create the overall textures. 

The hair was created using xGen to create the different textures and I hand-placed the hair cards to create the overall hairstyle. 

Soleil Wright - Circus Character

I created this stylised character for the Circus Challenge. I wanted to practice creating a more stylised character as well as demonstrate my hand-painting skills.

Sangaroa: The Coral Assassin

This project was for my Final Year Dissertation. I wanted to create a monster and armour set inspired by Monster Hunter World.

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