3d - environment and character wip

3d - environment and character wip

Amira Magdy Abdelaziz
by amira on 31 May 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

hello, those are some of my WIP tasks during the 9 months program in the ITI , 3d art track , which i'm currently in. i'm still figuring out my way between the animation industry and the vfx one . your comments and feed back is always welcomed and any tips for improvement as well.

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The concept was originally an "out of the picture" concept from the movie Zootopia
made by the artist  Armand Serrano , which you can find his work here https://www.artstation.com/armandserrano 
at first i figured the i would mimic the texture as the movie but then thought to try something different since it was a black and white concept .

I wanted to approach this project with a bit of a darker mood and some sword of  realism in the textures .
I would like to hear you ideas and comment about it though , as i'm thinking of getting back to it and improve some stuff 

Hope you like it :D 

used Maya - Arnold - Substance painter 

at first tried this lighting mood , which i kinda liked 

But after getting a lot of comments that it was so dark and it is kinda not logical light source, I've edited it to this .

some closer render shots 

the assets 

the original reference 

i didn't really wanted to post any work that was not finished , but i kinda wanted the feed back more 

this is another try in making a stylized room slimier to "toy story " style 

a ferrari fxx - k - evo  model using maya 

trying to make a hyper realistic character from a movie that i really love , wish you recognize him .

always loved creatures in the movies , so back when i was a self learner before joining ITI  , i made doppy from harry potter 

and through the ITI  I've made this creature based on my imagination  ,, i intend to edit more on it and texture him in substance painter and maybe see how this hair would work out in x-gen .

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