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Creating Worlds and Mood

Creating Worlds and Mood

Lucy Zini
by lucyzini on 24 May 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

A combination of University projects and some personal project's to try and explore different techniques. A lot of my concept art focuses on mood and lighting, trying to convey the story behind my work not just what is visible. I'm in my second year of University (NUA) , and really appreciate feedback, thanks!

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The Fae Kingdom

A Kingdom ruled and filled with Fae and mythical creatures. Natural and untainted by humans it sits side-by-side with our own universe. An ongoing personal project I'm undertaking, producing lore and exploring new ideas for it as I produce the concept art.

Finalised environment concept for one are of the  kingdom, mainly focusing on lighting and mood. I wouldn't to use this as practice for implementing a few different techniques I have recently been learning

Planning of Toadstool houses and quick thumbnails of the environment to better display them.

Studies done after initially planning my queens design as I was struggling to make her appear believable. I found looking at references and making 'visual notes' incredibly helpful.

Forest Statue (WIP)

Personal project, creating a guardian cat forest statue, working in collaboration with a 3D artist (their work not shown). The statue presents a once loved god, forgotten in a forest and over grown. I looked at Japanese shrines and statues as inspiration for this.

Thumbnails created for full environment, I will use the 3D model to paint over once I receive it.

Daniel Thorne

A university project/ unofficial Art Test given as part of my course. The description given was:

Description given: Daniel Thorne is the leader of the Manchester resistance cell. He 6’ 2” and 45 years old. He is physically fit although slightly under weight. Thorne served as a mechanical engineer in the British Army. He spent another decade working as a mechanical engineer once he was discharged. Under the occupation he has been forced into working as a maintenance engineer for the Russian military. Unbeknownst to the enemy he has been leading the fight against them in secret. Daniel’s dress and equipment is a mix of ‘vintage’ pre occupation clothing, Russian issue civilian dress as well as salvaged military and technical clothing. Much of what he has is well worn, patched up and repurposed. The paucity of fire arms is Britain means the rebels must do what they can for weaponry. Daniel has become an expert at using small homemade bombs as well as a slingshot and balls. He also has his trusty standard issue British Army Knife

Daniel has recently managed to obtain a stolen Russian military issue smart device that allows him to intercept communications and hack enemy drone technology.

Fully realised character mood piece.

Planning and iterations done on the design in order to get to the final result.

City Port Project: Contirium

University project to create your own city: Some lore I created

A Fictional industrial city, overpopulated and with a lack of resources. The city is swamped in a constant fog, the sun appears dull, and the stars haven’t been seen in over half a century due to the incredible amount of smoke produced. Contritum is constantly humid and the air is thick, many of the residents where masks in an attempt to filter some of the chemically laced air.

The city was once wealthy, trading the incredulous amounts of commodities it produces with multiple neighbouring nations. However as the resources started to slow down and the demand for supplies hindered, many began to dry up.

Large areas of the city are makeshift slums using broken down train carriages and scrap metal. The lack of drain systems in correlation to the amount of citizens has resulted in almost constant flooding in the streets.

Light sources are mostly lanterns/ string lights haphazardly placed in areas. The death toll related to electrical/water deaths is extremely high. The main area of trade within the slums is in the area depicted within the image. The slightly richer high rise areas of the city are visible in the background, often these residents visit the slums due to the cheap nature of trade.

Shops/markets are built into the abandoned sites as well as make-shift tents set up where ever possible. The city continues to produce its own industrial items, however trade rates are extremely low with other nations. Items traded include food/ meal supplement pills, blankets, light sources, water proof clothing, masks, weaponry crafted from found items.

Religion is a long forgotten ideal within the city, ‘cults/ new beliefs come and go with passing fazes as the citizens chop and change between things to believe in. Those seen with red stripes across their face follow a cult rumoured to be planning a raid of the remaining factories still in use. The rich who visit the slums disguise themselves so as to avoid being attacked by those less fortunate.

In the Rain

In the Snow 

Map created to show the layout of the city, elements taken from the place studies I did to point out important areas on the map

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